2014: New Year, New Resolutions … MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!

Every year, as the old year draws to an end and the new year stands expectantly outside our door, just waiting to be let in, I get these uncontrollable pangs of excitement. I am as nervous as a dancer about to make her first public appearance and, at the same time, as giddy as a little kid going to Disneyland for the first time.

The New Year, for me, is like a spanking new notebook that is begging to be written in; an enticingly-wrapped gift that has to ripped open right away; a shiny bike that growls out promises of long rides and adventures.

If I could, I would turn cartwheels; but, since I can’t I am content hopping around the house, the office, my friends, family, even strangers, sporting a goofy look that makes people take a few precautionary steps back while reaching for their mobile phones to call the nearest mental hospital.

Anyhoo, part of the New Year mad ritual is making … New Year Resolutions. Yay!!! Of course, why not. Who cares that I pretty much forget about all these resolutions even before the first week is out. Some things are tradition, and traditions must be followed. Tee-hee-hee.


So, in 2014, I resolve …

… Not to make resolutions, but promises instead. Because I am way better at keeping promises.

… To fall in love. Because it is about time I did.

Couple in love

… To dream more. And do more.

… To write more. I have almost a decade worth of writing to catch up with.


… To not apologize for who I am, how I behave, or the decisions I make.

… To take phrases like “You are past your expiry date” or “Time is running out, get married” or “The years are not on your side” and throw them in the trash bin where they belong. I am a person, not a food product.


… To understand the people who laugh with you will not always stand by you when the world is laughing at you; and those that share your good times may not be around to comfort you in your bad times. And that’s perfectly okay, as long as I keep this difference in mind.

… To come to term with the fact that I shall never have a F.R.I.E.N.D-like friend circle, but I am kick-ass lucky for the oddball collection of friends I do have.

Friends forever

There you go, my New Year Promises. Simple, sweet and, most importantly, doable. Now, let’s see how many of them I am able to fulfil this year. But still, Excited. Enthused. Deliriously happy. And Positive.

On that note, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYBODY!

Happy New Year

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