Don’t You Dare Judge Me!!

As a society, we love judging people. In fact, that could probably be our national pastime. We judge people on what they wear, don’t wear, eat, don’t eat, do don’t do, buy, don’t buy. How high we turn up our noses is directly related to how good we feel about ourselves. The more we squish someone’s self-esteem, the better human beings we think we are.

Maybe this poem will help change your perspective a little bit. Keep you from raising that accusing finger or saying those nasty thoughts that are coursing through your (tiny) brain. Help you empathise a bit with a fellow human being, understand him before you’re tempted to throw him into the trash bin like the piece of shit (you think) he is.

Even if it doesn’t, I honestly couldn’t care two hoots what you think. I am going to skip over all the stones you throw at me, dodge your ‘kind words of concern’, and kick your half baked theories on how the world should be lived. Live and let live and …

Don’t you Dare Judge Me!

It is so easy to taunt and condemn,

So easy to pass judgment on my life,

So easy to look down from your high horse

And patronize me with unnecessary advice.


It is so simple to shake your head

And tut-tut away the decisions I’ve made;

So easy to feel sorry for me

And wonder how much I’ve changed.


         I see you reach out to me

Your eyes brimming with shallow concern,

I see you dissecting all my choices

Pointing out authoritatively all the wrong turns

That brought me to where I stand right now –

My life all shambles, a ‘pathetic ruin’;

A testament to countless stupid mistakes

Leading to a future ‘bleak and grim’.


How about you try and relive

All that I’ve been through?

How about we swap places and I

See just how well you can do?


When faced with the choices handed to me

Each one more terrible than the last

With your back pinned against the wall,

Let’s see how long you will last.


I’d like to see how well you cope

When all your friends abandon you.

When the love of your life breaks your trust

And callously walks out on you.


When frustrations turn to despair,

And there are no straws left to clutch at,

When brick by brick your world crumbles,

Let’s see how you react to that.


You have no clue how I got here

My life shattered into a million pieces,

So, hold back on your “I told you so’s”

And reserve your sanctimonious speeches.


We all seem to do a swell job

Of living someone else’s life,

Doling out advice on how to be

Perfect parents, children, husbands or wives.


If no kind words you have for me,

If you can’t haul me out of the pit I’m in,

Then for heaven’s sake, hold your tongue,

And stop trying to push me further in.


It’s time you stopped judging

On things you don’t know or see

You live a fulfilling and productive life,

And give me the freedom to just be me!

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