I Choose …

I live in a society that rejoices in stripping you of your right to choose. From what you wear, to how you dress, to the car you drive, the interests you pursue, and the person you marry … all these decisions are mostly governed by the society, the community, the neighborhood, the clan, the nosey aunty who lives next door, the chai wallah, the doodh waala … anybody except you.

Well, sorry to disappoint you all, but I take control today. I will not follow, I will not listen, I will not conform, because today …

I Choose …  

Today I choose to laugh out loud,

Break into a jig in the middle of a crowd,

Loose myself in chuckles and giggles,

Hop over stones and skip over pebbles,

Act like a clown, with a ridiculous grin

Stretching from ear to ear, from forehead to chin.

Turn cartwheels and twerk my hiney,

Look at life through glasses funny.


This day I choose to feel the pain

Sear my body with the burning rain,

Weep tears of blood and know despair,

Fall down on my knees, clutch my hair,

Feel depths of darkness, have my soul ripped apart,

Trap a scream in my throat and crush my heart

In the palm of my hands and throw it away,

Treat hope as a stranger, send it away.


On this day I choose to feel burning rage,

Chuck aside the calm of a meditating sage.

Curse out loud, hurl rocks and stones,

Punch annoying idiots, break teeth and bones.

Knock down anyone who crosses my path

Give in to my anger, indulge my wrath.

Roar, and snarl, and make the worlds shudder

Unleash mayhem, get away with murder.


This moment I choose to set aside convention,

Break the mold and challenge tradition.

Stop treading the line that’s been worn fine,

Carve out a path that’s only mine.

Free myself of what people will think,

Write my life with BOLD RED ink.

Raise eyebrows and earn disapproving looks

Go down with glory in their bad books.


Today I choose to speak my mind,

Not worry about people and stop being kind.

Go out and offend some sensibility,

Say boohoo to hypocritical diplomacy.

Not hide behind sugar coated BS,

Throw tact to the winds … Oh yes!

Prevent Ps and Qs from ruling the day,

Or hide behind polite talk to convey

My opinions and feeling and all my thoughts

Say what’s in my heart … and why not!


This day I dress as I damn well please

Not just stick to Salwar Kameez

Nor let anyone dictate what I wear

Or how I do my hair

I just don’t care

If my clothes don’t pander to the prude in you

I don’t accept your silly values

Where clothes decide how ‘pure’ I am,

Necessary for the respect of a so-called MAN.


Today I sing, today I dance,

Today I give love a chance,

Today I laugh, today I cry,

Today I fall, today I fly,

Today I crash, today I rise,

Today I have dreams in my eyes,

Today I regret, today I repent,

Today I weep, today I lament,

Today I blunder, make mistakes

Be silly and watch my heart break

Into a million pieces on the floor,

Become numb till I feel no more.

Today I hope, today I breathe,

Face challenges and grit my teeth,

Walk proud with my head held high,

Reach out and touch the sky.


Today I’m sexy, today I’m hot.

Today I’m beautiful and today I’m not.

Today, I’ve got mischief on my mind,

Today, I’m cruel, today I’m kind.

Today I’m vulnerable, exposed and bare,

Weighed down by worries, tension and care.

Today I’m good, today I’m bad,

Today I’m joyful, today I’m sad.

Today I am a sinner in the dark of night,

Today I am an angel, pious and right,

Today I am a child, a woman, a man,

A star, a celeb, and the common man.

A thinker questioning the world I see,

Today I embrace all that is ME.  


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