Category: Movie Magic

  • Mastizaade: When Life Gives You No Brains, Make a Movie

    Just recounting a blunder I made when I should have known better and NOT WATCHED Mastizaade!

  • Let’s Start at the Very Beginning …

    In a previous blog post, I had expressed, almost giddyingly, how much I loved stories. And I’d also mentioned that the first movie I watched was the one that started my love affair with all things 70mm – Sound of Music. I have no recollection of how old I was when I first saw this […]

  • Of Stories, Tales, and Movies

    I am a huge movie buff. Or, to be more precise, I am a story buff. I am absolutely, positively, indubitably, and unquestioningly in love with stories. Use whatever medium possible to tell me a tale – movies, television, books, short stories, magazines, podcasts, even good, old-fashioned swapping of anecdotes around a campfire – and […]