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  • The Wise Little Cat

    Aww, little kitty cat, Thanks for making me realise, That it’s important to stop a bit, And smell the flowers nice.   Hoomans are dumb, so very, very dense, They tend to forget the important stuff, But as long as we’ve got you around, I think that should be reminder enough!   So, let’s prance […]

  • I Choose …

    I live in a society that rejoices in stripping you of your right to choose. From what you wear, to how you dress, to the car you drive, the interests you pursue, and the person you marry … all these decisions are mostly governed by the society, the community, the neighborhood, the clan, the nosey aunty […]

  • Don’t You Dare Judge Me!!

    As a society, we love judging people. In fact, that could probably be our national pastime. We judge people on what they wear, don’t wear, eat, don’t eat, do don’t do, buy, don’t buy. How high we turn up our noses is directly related to how good we feel about ourselves. The more we squish someone’s […]

  • Die Boss, Die!

    My first post on my (not first) blog was meant to be something entirely different. Certainly not this weird poem that (upon reading a couple times) seems to be pornographic content for a sadist. When I read it out to a few of my friends, they all shifted gingerly in their seats, sporting a look that […]