Women’s Day, Shwomen’s Day

Women’s Day …

International Women’s Day …

The day of celebrating womanhood … primarily by sharing stock photos stolen from Google and shared on various social media forums with a message of ‘solidarity’ and a salute to all the strong and powerful women they may have known in life.

And yet, despite all the congratulatory messages pouring in and all the ‘Thank you for being one of the strong women I know’ posts that I’ve been tagged in … I don’t feel particularly empowered.

And I am fairly certain that all those people who are out hailing women as the force that makes the world go round are going to go back to their subtly patronising and misogynistic self, reinforced in a thousand actions (knowingly, unknowingly, or uncaringly) in their day to day life.

Like the time they decided that helping their wife with buying groceries for the house was a task not worthy of their attention. After all, isn’t shopping for rice, atta, dal, and ketchup a women’s job?

Or the time when you told your mum that you couldn’t go and buy fruits or vegetables, because … what do you know of these things, you add with a sheepish smile. Besides, walking home with a plastic bag full of green leafy vegetables emasculates you in some obscure way that we don’t understand.

Remember, when you and she came back from office having spent an equal number of hours with your nose stuck to the grindstone? And then you decided that you were more tired and sent her off to the kitchen to fix a meal or a snack? Could you be bothered to help with the chopping? Or in laying the table? Or maybe washing up at the end of a meal? Yes, yes … what do you know of a kitchen – a mysterious place ‘ruled’ by the womenfolk in your household.

The day you dissed her for knowing more colours than you …

The day you taunted her for being a spendthrift because she asked you for some extra money to buy something for the house or a little luxury for herself …

The day you told her that she ‘sat at home and did nothing’ …

The day you decided what she would wear in public because guys couldn’t keep their eyes in check …

The day you told her she was too old to find a good husband and would have to settle for a bald divorcee with two children …

The day you snubbed her for not knowing how to work that expensive home theatre system you installed (never mind that you c boil an egg to save your life) …

The day you looked at a sexy woman in your workspace and decided she was sleeping her way to the top (of course, how could she legitimately get a promotion? Not with that body!) …

Well, that day and all those days that followed since … It wasn’t a very happy Women’s Day for her!


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