Flowers By The Moon Light

Take back these flowers
That we gathered in the moonlight,
As we sat by the river from dusk to dawn,
Speaking to each other until the stars lost their twinkle
And the sun woke up yawning and bleary-eyed.

Take back these flowers you gave me
On that night when we tossed pebbles into the silver waters,
And scrambled up and down rocks
On our wild journey of exploration,
Whilst swapping stories – some real, some made up,
But each bringing forth uninterrupted mirth and joy with it.

Take back these flowers that we picked together,
One each for every promise we made,
For every dream we shared,
For every kiss we exchanged.
We tied the flowers together with ribbons of conviction
Strong and secure in knowing that we would be together forever.

But the ribbons now lie in tatters,
The promises have faded,
And the flowers lie rotting and stinking
A withered shadow of a long forgotten past.

Take back these flowers you once gave me
For they bring me no joy anymore,
Throw them in the river by which they bloomed
And let them have the closure
That I could never find.


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