The Writer

Amateur Writer, Creative Writer
Yep .. that’s me. In real life. Curly hair, crazy smile and all!

Who am I? Why, I am me!

I find your question absurd and silly.

Who is it you expect me to be

A dog or a cat or a prancing filly?

I am perfectly happy as I am

To think I could be a prawn or a yam … or a clam

And be eaten with great relish

Oh dear, I could be FRIED FISH!


No, no, no. Now, you’ve upset me so!

If you weren’t my guest, I’d ask you to go!

But, politeness must be maintained at all cost

Even if I do feel like saying, “Get Lost!”


Let’s try this again, let’s not fight.

Let’s kiss and hug and make it right.

And welcome, welcome, WELCOME to my site

Make yourself cosy; I’m not gonna bite.


I know we got off to a bad start,

But, please don’t take my words to heart.

My aim is to enthral you with my superior wit

And, you are kinda’ enjoying this – admit it!


Well, if you like what you see, there’s gonna be more

Poems, short stories, and cool stuff galore.

In no time you are going to be completely hooked

And soon standing in line to buy my book!


So my dreams are big and aspirations high

But more about that later, it’s time to say bye.

I’ll get down to writing something nice

Check back in a few days for a pleasant surprise.


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