The Guilty Wife: A Book Damned to Mediocrity & Cheap Thrills


I have a code when it comes to reading: If you pick up a book, finish it at all costs. It doesn’t matter whether you like the book or not; if you’ve turned the first page, you’ve got to see it through to the end. It’s a commitment that you’ve made and now, you’ve got to honour it. Yeah, I know it’s silly, but if you’re a reader, you’ll probably understand what I am saying.

In following this code, there have been many books that have tested my patience. Some dragged on, others were excruciatingly painful and then there were those that were downright awful. In each case, I would put the book down, get a bit of fresh air, maybe see other books for a change, take them out for drinks, have a one night stand (read: binge-reading session) with them before dutifully returning to the original book that was giving me grief. But in the end, I was able to turn the last page, breathe a sigh of relief, and banish my torturer knowing that the worst was over and I could turn to another book that would (hopefully) bring me comfort. Read More

Flowers By The Moon Light

Take back these flowers
That we gathered in the moonlight,
As we sat by the river from dusk to dawn,
Speaking to each other until the stars lost their twinkle
And the sun woke up yawning and bleary-eyed. Read More

Women’s Day, Shwomen’s Day

Women’s Day …

International Women’s Day …

The day of celebrating womanhood …

… primarily by sharing stock photos stolen from Google and shared on various social media forums with a message of ‘solidarity’ and a salute to all the strong and powerful women they may have known in life.

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My Slice of the Apple Pie

The first hour or so after I have woken up are precious to me …. really, really precious!

I prefer no one speaks to me, I prefer not to talk myself, and the only thing I do is cradle a cup of coffee in my hands, sit in my balcony and just stare away.

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